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Mon-Fri, 10am-6pm

Mon-Fri, 10am-6pm

A Statement


     I find inspiration in the human condition: the complexity of our connections, our depth of feeling, and the way we reflect emotions, perceptions, and perspectives. I'm fascinated by the psychology of emotional response and the internal thought processes that accompany personal narratives. I delight in people-watching and human interactions. Underlying themes of politics and law, morality and ethics, history and spirituality captivate me.

     I tend to create works based in internalized dialogues, crafting visual representations of emotional perception. The end result of my artwork tends towards metaphor… A dark, caked and cracked surface with patches and rips of gold gilt and light breaking through. Anthropomorphized animals, illustrated in simple form, with hypnotic fragments of optical illusions. Ink paintings, where the viewer’s interpretation gives meaning to shapes and form. Depth perception — a parable on the human psyche. 

     As a mostly self-taught artist, a lot of the process is intuitive and exploratory in the beginning. I've used photography (from 35mm darkroom to digital) as well as digital photo collages made from my own photographs. Other media I’ve work in; polymer clay sculpture; acrylic on canvas, glass, and furniture; watercolor and ink on paper; mixed media on canvas; multi-media work; and videography. I also work in oils.  The medium I select for a series reflects my own emotional expression towards a subject

     After purging alcohol from my life, I've found myself in the midst of a hyper-drive of artistic expression. Creativity and Art are integral parts of my life — they are the languages I feel most confident using to communicate.