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The Return To The Office


Yovi Veliz

The Return To The Office, 2021
Digital Illustration Collage, original print archival ink on paper

Edition of 20 - 11in x 14in

Edition of 20 - 16in x 20in


     When my position as a Contact Tracing Agent ended in April of 2021, I wasn’t too bothered. Throughout the pandemic I only left my office bed every Saturday and Sunday to work in a spa. I love my coworkers and adored my regular clients, they had both become my sanity and my only reason for showering…literally, twice weekly. When I returned to my regular spa schedule in May 2021,  I did miss the shit out of my fluffy and furry companions, along with my new squirrel friends and birds companions.  They had become outdoor pet extensions over the course of the pandemic. I’m an introverted hobbit type, so home is where my heart is…as it is with all introverts, and we make up half of the working population. I could only imagine that introverts, whose daily work loads could be completed from anywhere, would be pretty peeved at being told they must return to the micromanaged extroverted hellscape of open floor plans, mindless small talk and outdated dress codes of the now laughable corporate culture. In the era of pandemic productivity, workers and companies thrived. What introvert would willingly give up the peaceful life of day drinking pantslessness, from their remote relocations, surrounded by the DIY chicken coops and plant propagations, that only sweet slow living affords, to willingly Return To The Office? Oh the audacity of extroverts! Only if a company offers childcare, on-site chicken coops, a dog spa, cat tree corral, traffic avoiding hoverboards, and new SOPs that include pantsless parties and day drinking, all nicely packaged with a 10% inflation pay increase and rolled tightly into a four day work week…Smash.

Subject Matter- Two propagated house plants; A snake plant and a succulent, dressed in formal business attire are seated on wooden office chairs in the foreground. The long shadow of male figure can be seen just under a chair. In the background is an saturated red ornate frame. Within the frame is a bright warm serene scene. Under a vibrate blue sky, a peaceful farmhouse with sprawling vegetation creeping up its walls, sits nestled between tall old growth trees and rolling hills of green pasture. Three chickens rest and roam on an overgrown lawn. A carved wooden sign reads ‘THIS IS A SLOW AND PEACEFUL ROAD”.



  • Unframed digital illustration print on museum grade175 gsm matte fine art paper.
  • Allow 2-3 days for processing and 5-10 days for delivery. 
  • Shipped in a flat mailer or rolled tube.
  • Artist signed Certificate Of Authenticity will be mailed separately, pending delivery confirmation. 
  • All artworks are non-refundable, exchanges will be made in regards to product print quality, damaged works and shipping errors. 



The Return To The Office

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