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The Flamingo


Solidarity & Stoicism Series


The Flamingo, 2020

Digital illustration collage, original print archival ink on paper 


11in x 14in edition of 20

18in x 24in edition of 20



     In June of 2020, I reached out to a Senator, inquiring about our states covid contact tracing program. Having lived on the outskirts of the SF bay area during the height of the AIDS epidemic, I was well aware of what contact tracing was and how important it was to stop the spread of a virus. Gifted with medical intuition, clairvoyance and massage therapist licensing along with tenacious  investigative research and newly certified in intelligence analysis, I definitely could be of service to the cause. In July I began working from home as a Contact Tracing Agent, on behalf of the Tennessee Department Of Health. I can’t begin to imagine what our nurses and hospital staff must have went through, or the toll it took on their emotional state being enmeshed in all the death, sickness, anger and anxiety of an ongoing global pandemic. After 9 months spent investigating covid positive cases and monitoring their close contacts for symptoms, the vaccines were out and available to all and in April 2021, the state’s contract ended.  I still think about the nurse I spoke with… she was in a hospital in East Tennessee, and even though I told her to go slow and that I could call back later, she stayed on the phone answering every question. Every word was labored and followed by a fit of coughs. She was worried about her daughter and grandchildren. I wish I knew if she had made it through, I know her daughter and grandchildren did. Even though I wasn’t in the room, I can still see her and still hear her, and the beeping of ICU in the background. 

Subject Matter - A pink flamingo stares off into the distance, leaning against a black and white stone wall in a graveyard blanketed with snow and the long shadows of dusk



  • Unframed digital illustration on 175 gsm matte fine art paper

  • Allow 2-3 days processing and 5-10 for delivery

  • Shipped in flat mailer or rolled tube

  • Artist signed Certificate Of Authenticity, mailed separately pending delivery confirmation

  • Art works are non-refundable, exchanges will be made in regards to damaged print quality or shipping errors

The Flamingo

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