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The Vulture


Solidarity & Stoicism Series

The Vulture, 2020
Digital illustration collage, original print archival ink on paper

11in x 14in edition of 20

18in x 24in edition of 20


      Something wasn’t right. I didn’t feel sick, but I didn’t feel normal. My heart would race at random times, I would stand up and almost black out. I couldn’t stomach eating meat nor stand the smell of eggs. Everything smelled off…like garbage, sewage or rotten fish. I was losing weight, my arms and legs would randomly go numb and tingle. Stabbing pains at the base of my skull and ringing in my ears, night sweats so bad the bed would be soaked in the morning. These aren’t symptoms of Covid, are they?  The Christmas Party was December 13th or 14th. December 18th I had a fever that lasted 3 days, by Christmas Eve, I couldn’t breathe and had to sleep on my stomach to catch my breathe (Massage Therapist trick to clear the lungs). It was New Year’s Even when my youngest Cat Eleanor started coughing, two days later, my fat black cat Jean Jacques was coughing. By January 11th, my dog Winston’s nose started running and he too was coughing. I made an appointment with the vet for Monday, but he seemed fine when Monday rolled around. I’m not sure when exactly I lost my sense of taste and smell— it was sometime in January, a coworker commented on how horrible my lunch smelled, then the rest of the crew chimed in. I couldn’t smell it. My boyfriend commented on the litter box soon afterwards, couldn’t smell that either. I do however remember being able to taste again— January 30th, the taste of salty chips I had left on my nightstand suddenly had flavor, and not just texture, they were delicious.  Eleanor wheezes now, when she sleeps.  All these things I mulled over while I lay on the couch illustrating this state of emotion. 

Subject Matter- The Vulture kneels on train tracks, gazing into a crystal scrying orb in her hands. A Foreboding feeling, the future as yet unseen. 



  • Unframed digital illustration printed on 175 gsm matte fine art paper

  • Allow 2-3 days processing and 5-10 days for delivery 

  • Shipped in flat mailer or rolled tube

  • Artist signed Certificate Of Authenticity, mailed separately pending delivery confirmation 

  • Original works of art are non-refundable, exchanges will be made in regards to damaged print quality or shipping errors

The Vulture

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