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Wishful Thinking


Yovi Veliz
Wishful Thinking, 2021
Digital illustration collage, original print archival ink on paper

11in x 14in Edition of 20

16in x 20in Edition of 20

     The rise in housing prices and the rise of rent have been ridiculous during the last two years. Nothing can scare off the Ai algorithm of capital investors from buying up every house and tract of land in cities they deem profit pigs. The only hope Millennials have of owing their own home in the cities they work in, will be if a natural disaster destroys everything these investors were banking on. The cost of rebuilding would outweigh the benefit to shareholders. Tornado tent cities would at least have hope in the volunteer state…

Subject Matter - A dandelion head, wears a dress, her seeds are blowing away. Behind her a dirt road goes towards the horizon through open fields. The sky is grey and dark, a tornado has touched down, debris can be seen surrounding its base.



  • Unframed digital illustration print on museum grade175 gsm matte fine art paper.
  • Allow 2-3 days for processing and 5-10 days for delivery. 
  • Shipped in a flat mailer or rolled tube.
  • Artist signed Certificate Of Authenticity will be mailed separately, pending delivery confirmation. 
  • All artworks are non-refundable, exchanges will be made in regards to product print quality, damaged works and shipping errors.


Wishful Thinking

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